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I welcome students of CSE department and felicitate organizers and members on this day of inauguration of Primeasia Computer Club, a forum of the students of CSE and CSIT to provide them a platform for achieving its goals and visions. I believe that our students are very enthusiastic of the newly formed club and we specially urge upon you to build the image of the club as a model in our country. University education is not merely a static academic system, but university is an environment for all out development of mental faculties like creativity, co-curricular functions, leadership training, molding behavior and ethics to develop oneself to compete in real world including in global arena. I firmly believe that our students have the ability to reach the international standard as they do not lag behind in merit and education and come to lime light IT field in our country and abroad. I have high expectation that students will be immensely benefitted and will go an extra mileage provided they take the opportunity to participate in all activities of the club in programming, problem solving, software development , robotics, system engineering, web engineering, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning by practicing, doing small projects and demonstrate\ing their skill in national and at international level. Some of our students have already built robots, smart systems like smart home rental system supported by Google map, UBER like apps in controlling traffic jam by renting free garages, app store apps (downloaded from many countries), HR management system, Train Collision avoidance System, and doing research. We want to move to a top rated department in our country in shortest possible time. We would all like to see a vibrant environment in our department and many celebration of successes.

I wish you the best,

Md. Ershadul Haque Choudhury
Head, Computer science and Engineering Department (CSE and CSIT Programs)

Believe It or Not

-Md. Ershadul H. Choudhury, Head, CSE

“ I am a 4-th year student and can solve any problem” claims a student of PAU.

“I know most basic algorithms and can solve any problem as I solved all problems in last ACM/ICPC South Asian Regional Programming Contest “ so says a jubilant contestant.

These two hypothetical positions are in most CSE student’s mind. Also in general academic arena people think that computers have tremendous power and can solve all problems eventually! But what is the reality?

Is this a new question whether all problems can be solved? No, this is not. In 19th century Mathematician Hilbert first posed some puzzling questions but nobody in his time could provide answer.


It is in the middle of 20th century, Gödel, a Germ an scientist and Allan Turing of UK gave an interesting answer to the questions. What they proved? They showed that actually machines or mathematics cannot prove or disprove solution of certain class of problems. These problems are now classified as ‘undecidable problems’ and tsaught in computer science. How many problems are of this category? The answer is innumerable and surprisingly such problems may arise in any branch of knowledge! An inquisitive student may ask for a list of such problems who may contact me. As Gödel mathematician, he did not get Nobel prize. What is the reaction? In fact a physicist got frustrated and abandoned research.

You may not believe by saying that well in future we will get a solution.

The second important theory was proposed in 1970 when scientist Led by Cook were baffled to discover another class of problems which they proved that these have no efficient solution! These problems are now known as NP-Complete problems or NP-Hard problems. Senior students have heard about this. Exact solution can be obtained when the problem size is small but runtime exponentially rises with the size of the problem.

For example, it is easy to get permutation of three letters. But if I ask you to write program to print permutation of 26 letters. You will say it is easy give a try. The fastest computer in this world will take years to solve it! You have to believe it! Most puzzles are like this and numerous practical business, science and engineering problems fall in these categories.

Ray of Hope

Do not be frustrated ! We can exploit this. Te whole branch of cryptography and information security is based on machines incapacity to extract message from cipher texts keeping our passwords and messages secured.

Optimized solution of NP-Complete problems can be found in real time are sufficiently useful to us. We do not need exact solution. This is one of the area of hottest research I computer science, mathematics, physics, biotechnology and business.

Myths and Reality Check!

I have come across many questions and issues from students across universities including PAU. But the questions are really myths and need clarifications. I mention here some of those common questions and reality checks.

Md. Ershadul H. Choudhury, Head, CSE
Reality: You would not believe that 3-hour lab class in each course is for your career!
Reality: Hundreds of new programming languages and compilers are developed every year by CSE/CSC graduates all over the world.
Reality: Well, be not disheartened. In my 22 years of university teaching of computer science most students have similar anxiety but eventually all have exceptional performance in real life.
Reality: Software users and clients are form business, science and engineering fields. If you do not have minimum domain knowledge, then clients will not hire you and give assignment to others who have domain knowledge.